What is a Pain Doctor?

what-is-a-pain-doctorPain is a very commonly experienced condition. The aches and pains of our normal day-to-day life are something that all of us must bear.

However, patients experiencing chronic pain or pains serious enough to affect their daily lives might understandably want to speak to their doctor about a potential treatment. It is in this consultation that the expertise of a specialist in pain management may be needed.

The specialty of pain management is a relatively new one, only dating back for about 30 years. A “pain doctor,” it stands to reason, is one that specializes in diagnosing and treating the symptoms of pain. Since their focus is on managing pain, they are not a replacement for primary medical care, but can provide needed support for patients who need their pain managed to improve their quality of life.

Pain management specialists must thoroughly understand the types and causes of pain in order to properly diagnose and treat it, including the many types of pain, such as neuropathic, nociceptive, psychogenic, and incident pain (as well as very rare types of pain that are commonly associated with specific medical conditions). It is the responsibility of the pain management specialist to be able to assess these types of pain and develop an effective treatment for them, which is no small task given pain’s complexity — after all, pain can only ultimately be experienced by the individual, and everyone experiences pain a little differently.

Through extensive education above and beyond the training required for traditional medical school, including specialized post-graduate training and board certified in pain management, pain doctors are skilled at diagnosing and treating the often debilitating symptoms of chronic pain, as well as identifying emotional or mental factors that can influence the patient’s experience of pain, allowing pain doctors to provide referrals for other specialists as needed.

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